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Press Kit

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“Your heart matters. Your heart matters. Your heart matters”

”The degree to which you trust God will be the degree to which you live with your heart at rest.”

”You can’t be brave unless you’re scared first. You can’t keep doing common things and expect uncommon results.”

”Life is hard and God is good but you don’t know how good God can be until you know how hard life can get.”

"God doesn’t waste our pain…only we can do that”

”Pain is like a sliver – you can’t heal until you get the junk out.”

”You can only shut off so many parts of your heart until all that’s left is a shell.”

”As God is, so life is. How we see God is the filter through which we see life.”

”When we are not intentional about choosing change, by default, we are choosing chaos.”

”Given that most things in our life may not change, the only thing that can is our perspective.”” ”

If I have to be in control of everything then all I can ever have is what I can manufacture. That leaves no room for what God can do.”

 ”Routine is the soil in which habits grow – good or bad. We aren’t grateful for what we think we deserve.”

”The shortest route from panic to peace is through praise. ‘Worship while you wait’ – worship helps us remember Who God is when answers to our prayers seem to be delayed or postponed.”

”Christ always countered Satan’s attacks with scripture. “It is written, it is written, it is written.”

”If I am not forgiving someone, I am still in a destructive relationship with them.”

”The work of God’s grace in my heart is reflected by my choice to forgive.” ”

The sense of unresolved guilt in our hearts is often the result of unconfessed sin in our lives.” ”

God’s blessings come with no sorrow. Debt is a big sorrow.”

"Don’t ask God to bless your agenda, ask Him to burn His agenda in you.”

“It’s hard to fill a moving bucket.”

”Treating our time as our gift to God and others changes the way we use it.”

”The value of a spiritual friend is not always that they teach you something new - they often remind you of things that you already know.”

”The conditioning work of the Holy Spirit is what enables us to live with our hearts at rest.”

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